Residents of Camp Haven complete a comprehensive two-phased program designed to help them heal physically, mentally and spiritually.  It is Camp Haven's mission to help them become contributing members of the community around them.



Rent – the first 30 days are rent free and a graduated sub-market rent rate follows thereafter. This gives the new resident an opportunity to secure employment before paying rent. 

Food – dinner is provided five days a week (thanks to the generosity of our supporters).

Goals – each resident works with staff to establish individual goals to achieve while at Camp Haven, such as, education, employment etc. Progress on these goals is reviewed weekly.

Programs – formal programs focus on psychological counseling in group and one-on-one sessions. We host regular educational programs that teach personal finance, inter-personal skills, credit management, vocational guidance, and more. Residents are required to attend three programs a week.

Successful Completion – a resident completes Phase I when he demonstrates compliance with the program rules, sustains employment, accumulates sufficient savings to secure community-based housing, and is psychologically stable. The staff works with the resident to formulate a transition plan.



Who - a resident who completes the Phase I program but needs a little more structure to succeed in the community.


Rent – the resident signs a six-month, low-rent lease with a month-to-month term thereafter. The room is a one bed, efficiency apartment.


Goals – the resident continues to work on the goals that they have personally set. Staff reviews progress on these goals with resident weekly.


Programs – formal programs focus on psychological counseling in group and in one-on-one session. Residents in Phase II focus much of their program time on transitional goal setting: credit repair, housing options, etc. Two programs a week are mandatory.


Successful Completion – a resident completes Phase II when he is ready to live in the community. The staff works with the resident to implement his transition plan.

Becoming a Camp Haven Resident

  1. Application – completed by all prospective residents.

  2. Interview – staff conducts an initial screening interview to determine the prospect’s willingness to abide by our rule and to change their life.

  3. Criminal Background Check – conducted on all applicants. We do not accept prospects who have recent violent crimes or who will be impossible to employ.

  4. Drug Test – all applicants are drug and alcohol tested. You cannot take illegal drugs at Camp Haven.

  5. Psychological Evaluation – determine the individual’s compatibility and suitability for the program.