John’s Island Pumps Up Support for Camp Haven Fitness

Over the course of the past several years, the John’s Island Foundation has generously supported Camp Haven’s mission to help residents turn their lives around.

“One of the ways we help the men at Camp Haven to take control of their lives is to introduce them to healthier lifestyle choices,” said Chuck Bradley, Camp Haven executive director. “A regular exercise regimen is beneficial to people in transition and helps them to build a brotherhood.”

Bradley noted that working out is an excellent way for the men to build relationships, get healthy and socialize. And, according to research, people who exercise regularly report increased physical comfort with sobriety and report more energy directed into productive ends.

In 2018, the John’s Island Foundation funded a grant for $16,250 to purchase Apollo 12 Station MultiGym, an outdoor fitness system, which allows for a full-body cardio and strength workout for the nonprofit’s Healthy Mind and Healthy Body program.

Apollo 12 Station MultiGym, an outdoor fitness system,

The goal – to help residents speed up the process of finding gainful employment, build healthy responses and relationships. The program requires each resident to use the equipment at least twice a week with goal setting and regular assessments built-in as participants show progress.

As the men became more accustomed to using the equipment and began to look forward to their workouts, Camp Haven staff realized they needed to make several improvements in order to utilize the equipment fully.

Once again, the John’s Island Foundation came to their aid with a generous grant of $19,358 to erect a cover over the workout equipment and add a pad off the basketball court. While not fitness related, the award also allowed Camp Haven to purchase storm shutters – adding peace of mind for the men riding out hurricanes.

“The shade drops the temperature 10 to 15 degrees where the equipment sits. The men that are here on campus during the daytime can use it when they have some downtime, and on the weekends, they can all get together and use the exercise equipment or play a game of hoops,” noted Bradley.

The continued support of the John’s Island Foundation is helping Camp Haven to “not only improve the men’s mental health but the physical health aspect as well. Healthy body, healthy mind,” adds Bradley.

Camp Haven provides transitional housing and education to men committed to rising out of homelessness. Through a thoughtful intake procedure and strict adherence to guidelines, residents in the program receive educational opportunities, counseling, and encouragement as they move from homelessness to hopefulness, eventually becoming active, engaged, contributing members of our

Apollo 12 Station MultiGym, an outdoor fitness system, and basketball court
Basketball Court